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3 sao trên tổng 69 đánh giá
11 Apr 2020 tại 15:25 The ingredients were good and the delivery was good. But I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and it looked very small. And I paid 238k with delivery. It seems too expensive.
30 Sep 2019 tại 21:44 The pizza was ridiculously small and the taste not great.
30 Oct 2018 tại 15:35 Worst pizza I’ve had in a long time lol delivery was 60 min and asked for cash after I paid with my credit card... not again!
30 Oct 2018 tại 1:08 Pizza was cold and they did not listen to my instructions to remove one of the ingredients, only had 1 slice of my pizza and threw it out
29 Jul 2018 tại 20:17 Giao hang qua cham de khach cho
3 Jul 2018 tại 9:29 This was the worst pizza I’ve had in Danang! The pizza was cold and tiny, despite ordering a large pizza, literally the size of a medium. The base was flat, tasteless and like cardboard. It was really expensive (270k), waste of money,bitterly disappoint
30 Jun 2018 tại 9:59 Double price and a half quality
15 Sep 2017 tại 5:19 Ordered vegetarian pizza. Was decent. Delivery was not too delayed. Will try again.
7 Jul 2017 tại 2:15 Delivery took over 1h40m, which meant the food was cold when it arrived. The order was also incorrect. I ordered lasagna, but got a rotini dish. Unfortunately, everything was also underseasoned and rather flavorless.